Summer School - 2011

Life Support for Space System

Very good prepared schedule, which was changed completely, just sometimes for personal preferences. That means every wish of additional activities like souvenir tours, go kart driving etc. was respected and as soon as possible done. This fact is the pleasure of the great team of the international office which takes care day and night for us. Especially the Russian language course was every day on highest level, very excellent and everybody learned a lot. The program in the university was different.Technological topics have been always well prepared and explained to everybody very clear. The practical trainings were the parts which I enjoyed personally the most, because we were able to try the learned knowledge. All excursions showed us a view on Russian culture and life style. I enjoyed then very much and it helped to become friends in this short time of two weeks. In sum, I am just able to say that it was a pleasure to be part of this summer school. And I would like to come back to learn Russian in perfect way. Thank you very much and have a good time!


Daniel Besler

Summer school «Life Support for Space System» The Summer School was a wonderful experience for me. I come here to learn something rather the Russian culture and of course more about Space Technology. All this points got answered very well. The organization of everything was good only the dinner was sometimes at the wrong time. I can highly recommend this Summer school. For the future it would be nice of my point of view if the Russian course get a bit more time and if we could go to some space company as an excursion. I do like all excursions especial the trips in the nature. The evening program was well organized too. We never had time to got bored. Thank you for this experience.

Matthias Huether

Большое спасибо организаторам за эту летнюю школу! Это было очень интересно для меня: новая информация (отдельное спасибо преподавателям за проведение лекций), большое количество экскурсий (даже я узнала о нашем городе что-то новое). Прекрасные ребята! Языковой барьер исчез в первый же день, нам было очень весело вместе. Надеюсь, мы будем общаться и дальше! Эти две недели будут для меня ярчайшими воспоминаниями о лете. Пригласите меня следующим летом! С удовольствием приму участие! Еще раз большое спасибо!

Стайкова Тамара

I was afraid about coming so far from home, but after I arrived everybody was friendly and in one day I feel lovely. The openness of the teachers is really inspired me and also makes me feel good. I got a lot of friendships. I also like the people live here. I am really thinking about coming back for more time. Anyway thanks to all of you for the whole two week and I hope that we see each other again.

Szabolcs Pall

Впечатления от школы в целом положительные, все экскурсии были очень интересными. Все предметы были для меня новыми. Посещение пещер было интересным и познавательным, но там было холодно и сыро, нужно было взять с собой перчатки. Посещение «Столбов» было омрачено дождем, но это не помешало получить огромное удовольствие от экскурсии.

Дмитрий Майнагашев

My expressions were really good for this summer school, and are much higher than I expected. The program is well chosen especially the excursions in the cave, nature and also the museums were interesting. For myself I like to have met new people in foreign countries, so this possibility you could give to me. The accommodation were good chosen also that every one of us our own room! The view from balcony was great, too I got support at every time of my staying and also the contact to the teacher was nice and familiar. Crazy time like paintball was really good. About the weather is nothing to say, it is like it is. Will be interesting to visit Krasnoyarsk in the winter month, perhaps we will meet again. Regards and don’t stop this program!

Dietrich Siebert

At the beginning of this year I saw advertisement of DAAD which caught my attention immediately since I had never been to Asian or east European countries before. Therefore I gathered further information of the program «go East» and I soon decided to apply for the «Life Support for Space Systems» program, offered by SibSAU in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. After I had applied online a lot of paperwork had to be done. I had to apply for a visa, book a flight to Krasnoyarsk and I also had to collect information about the city Krasnoyarsk, since I would stay there for about two week during summertime ... As far as I can say at the end of the school, I liked the program very much and I also I liked the atmosphere. I will recommend this program to students at my university in Germany.

Hendrik Huesing

I have lots things to write about my experience here with you. Let me start from the first day. I was at the airport and the sun was just shining. Then I saw a young girl, smiling, with a paper, and my name was written on it. It was Kati. I felt at home, because she was happy to see us and I really wanted to meet her, because she helped me a lot during the organization of my “travel” here. It was an adventure. When I arrived at the sanatorium I did not understand a word of Russian. But I felt people feelings. They were all kind with me. If I had a problem, it was solved in few minutes, smiling. I enjoyed an excursions very much, especially cave climbing. I had never done something like that. I will never forget the moment before leaving the cave. We were all together, without lights. We closed eyes, just for a minute. It was wonderful. I think then as nothing more beautiful, than the sound of nature, the sound of rivers, or simply, the sound of wind. It is one of the best moments that I will never forget. I also remember the first day when we went out with the bus for the first time. There were all teachers and it was as if we were a family. We were all from different countries, with different languages, but it was if we all were talking to each other without using words. I think I will never find a better word then: THANK YOU! I will really miss you all. I hope to come here in winter, because I have never seen the snow. And I think it’s the best place to appreciate it. See you soon!

Mariangela Palumbo


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